Summer time in the Danish West coast of the Central Region – Jutland, known in Denmark as Vesterhavet. The Western Sea. Typically the landscape is of beautiful sand dunes and its original vegetation. Salted here and there with the famous summer houses of traditional architecture. Tourists visit it all year round. Germans and Norwegian mainly, apart from the ones from Denmark, take the chance of the proximity to travel the relatively short distances and follow the attraction the North Sea provides along the line of the light golden ‘sandscape’, or the landscape in the inner coast, where fields of golden crops grow. But not all is beautiful and not all the visitors came for good reasons. Today the coast is filled with residuals from the ocean left by ships or just brought there by the tide which collected all our human rubbish to stand sinking in the wet sand, side-by-side with the WWII fortified defenses – a remembrance of the invasion.

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