In 2017 we did this PR video aiming the local networking festivity. With Peter Worm Madsen – Priest at Christiansbjerg Church in Aarhus – I just had to follow his concept for the idealized video with the filming gear and then do the pos-production work including video edition, color grading, soundtrack search and, of course, the motion graphic design for the texts showing upon the video.

It took one day to film – the difficulty resided mostly with having a constant sunny skylight for all the shots which we almost did. So, we had 1 day filming and about 2 full days editing (divided in many smaller periods which would develop from the discussion with Peter about the final output video.

A very small production like this can easily be achieved for much less than 5,000   kroner (something more of the kind of 3,500 korner, or 500,00 Euro). I am open for the possibility of elaborating the whole production process with you, idealizing the video (and the script) and from the start, using my communication skills too.

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